If you are in the business of getting goods from here to there, Teak probably has software that can help. Teak supports the routed delivery of products like newspapers, the more dynamic nature of courier operations, and the accounting for and control of product throughout the process from receipt to final delivery. Teak supports the operational aspects as well as the financial aspects with careful attention to accounting controls throughout.


Teak supports both newspaper publishers and independent distributors of newspapers. Teak supports both home delivery and single copy operations. Teak supports printed route delivery sheets or handheld devices carried by drivers...
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Teak supports local courier operations with a flexible approach that allows you to use more or less technology according to your needs, from the simplest operation to the most complex. You can start small knowing that Teak will support your growth...
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Teak supports companies that provide inventory or warehousing operations from tracking receipt and withdrawals of goods to billing for storage based on the variable quantities on hand and under a wide variety of bases...
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Logistics Software Services

Teak has years of programming experience in the world of logistics and our team of experienced programmers is ready to assist you whether it is with creating new programs, maintaining existing programs, supporting users of your software, integrating systems, or providing logistical services using our cloud-based applications...
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