Software services supporting your logistic needs

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If you are in the business of getting goods from here to there, Teak probably has software that can help. Teak supports routed delivery of products like newspapers and dynamic distribution applications like courier operations, while managing all the tracking and control aspects throughout the process from the point of origin to the final delivery, with careful attention to accounting controls throughout.

Software services supporting your logistic needs

Whether you are a newspaper publisher or an independent newspaper distributor or a wholesaler of newspapers, Teak Software can help. In these cost-conscious times, attention to the details that drive profitability is critical. Delivering newspapers is a complex task and a comprehensive system that has integrity and controls and auditability is an essential tool to manage the bottom line. Teak Software offers a proven system that is flexible in design to adapt to your operating environment. It is "cloud" based so no big investment in software or hardware is required and the Teak support staff can make conversion painless.

For many years, newspapers have helped local retailers and producers increase sales by running ads in their papers. The ad revenue paid the bills. In the coming years, newspapers can help local retailers and producers increase sales by sponsoring a "buy local" website. And a percentage of those sales will pay the bills and keep local journalism alive and well.

TeakTrak supports those who distribute free products such as flyers, shoppers and pennysavers to homes. It provides detailed maps of the distribution runs so that you can be assured that the designated area was properly and completely covered. TeakTrak supports simple tracking but it also contains features that support the most complex distribution requirements with automated scheduling of drivers based on publication schedules and an accounting feature for calculating driver payments. It supports sharing maps with advertisers to assure them of complete distribution of their advertising.

Companies with logistics requirements need not only to have effective and efficient systems but they also need to continually change and evolve their operations and their systems to stay current with changing business environments, solutions, trends, and technologies. Implementing the company’s strategy requires efficient and effective logistics systems and management. Simply put, poor logistics in a business can impact its bottom line. Teak can play a role both in improving existing systems and in integrating new systems or replacing old systems.


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