Teak has years of programming experience in the world of logistics and our team of experienced programmers is ready to assist you whether it is with creating new programs, maintaining existing programs, supporting users of your software, integrating systems, or providing logistical services using our cloud-based applications.


We have an experienced off-shore programming team with local system design and team management. We offer expertise in logistics, including GPS-based routing and route optimization, order entry, billing, Android and iPhone apps for use by delivery drivers, inventory management, and coordination communications among all parties involved in the logistical effort...
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Companies served

Our expertise in logistics comes from almost 20 years supporting companies that deliver newspapers. Over that period of time we created hundreds of features that saved time and money and that improved operations...
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Logistics Defined

By logistics we mean all of the functions that are involved in getting something from one place to another. At heart, that means keeping track of an item from the time the company is aware of it to the time when the client has completed its responsibilities with respect to moving that item...
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