Local eCommerce Marketplace

For many years, newspapers have helped local retailers and producers increase sales by running ads in their papers. The ad revenue paid the bills. In the coming years, newspapers can help local retailers and producers increase sales by sponsoring a "buy local" website. And a percentage of those sales will pay the bills and keep local journalism alive and well. Teak provides a "turnkey" ecommerce website and routing and distribution system. There is nothing left for you to create or develop. Your newspaper promotes and recruits local retailers and producers and manages the delivery process. Alternatively, the delivery process can be outsourced to a local courier company and your role would be limited to recruiting sellers and publicizing the website in your community. Shipments out of your delivery area are done using the US Postal Service, UPS, or Federal Express. A fully featured inventory management system is included if you wish to make direct sales out of your own inventory. Over the years, newspapers have served as a hub in their communities and the source of local news. In addition, the local newspaper has hosted local events and has been a central source for information made available by local retailers and producers about their products and prices. This system presents an opportunity to extend that role by fostering a central marketplace for local retailers and producers and supporting it with a delivery system that rivals or exceeds the ability of national ecommerce companies to make timely deliveries.