■   "In 2009, after spending the better part of my 25 years at the Los Angeles Times in Single Copy business systems development and support, economic and business model changes forced us to address the cost and viability of our in-house developed circulation system. After looking at many outside circulation systems, TEAK offered the best up front reporting tools to meet publisher ABC and advertising requirements, automated press order, commercial product interface, and third party contractor draw control, routing and retailer invoicing. Three years later, I can tell you TEAK has done an amazing job supporting our large newspaper, our additional commercial delivery partners, and most of all the required 24/7 support to our independent contractors. I couldn't be happier with my decision."
Shirley Robison,
Commercial Delivery HD Division Manager
Los Angeles Times

■   I have been using Teak Software for almost 5 years now. The system and its tech support team are unsurpassed. Modifications and enhancements are done quickly and economically. I would recommend Teak Software to anyone who is in the route sales/distribution business.
Teak Software has grown as our business has grown. It is flexible, easy to learn and it creates management reports needed to grow your business.
Charles Love
Circulation Director
The Washington Post and Express,

■   The strength of TEAK software is its ability to manage a database and turn that into a daily delivery module as well as an invoicing entity-- to bill and collect from your customers and track receivables. Adding new Publisher titles is relatively easy as well.
Teak does that for us. Over 43,000 separate deliveries and 100,000 separate data entries each week.
When the numbers crunching is done, TEAK has a wide range of tools and reports to help you manage your business effectively.
TEAK's support function is 2nd to none; they are responsive to your needs and staff answers your questions forthrightly and timely.
Robert Bolone
Media Consumer Service Solutions, Inc
San Diego, CA
Distributors of San Diego Union-Tribune, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Investors Business Daily, Financial Times of London, Barrons, New York Post, San Diego Business Journal, Union-Tribune Weekly Hispanic Publication "Enlace," USA Today Sports Weekly, USA Today Sports and Special Editions, San Diego Union-Tribune Newspaper-in-Education

■   Teak has helped streamline our operations and has provided us with data we need to keep up with the growing demands of our publishers.
Alan Newman
Chief Operating Officer
Mitchell's NY World's Finest Delivery Services
New York, NY