We have an experienced off-shore programming team with local system design and team management.

We offer expertise in logistics, including GPS-based routing and route optimization, order entry, billing, Android and iPhone apps for use by delivery drivers, inventory management, and coordination communications among all parties involved in the logistical effort.

We can support a client's existing logistics software or create software to meet the client's needs. We can operate as an outsourced IT department or supplement an existing in-house IT department

We also have customizable web-based services that can be used to support a client's distribution needs.

We are certified under SOC1, Type II (System and Organization Controls promulgated by the AICPA) assuring that our internal controls meet the requirements for financial reporting.

We can provide services in whichever mode suits your needs: hourly contract programming, project-based programming, defined programmer working at your direction, or services-based billing.

Our Team:

Chirag Thakor

“We call him the company’s technical back bone. He is also fitness freak and sports enthusiast.”

Nitin Kumar

“We can define him as, a leader with a good sense of humor, always ready with a witty comment.”

Ashwani Dadlani

“He is full of life and he always spreads happiness in the office.”

Shahbaz Khan

“We call him the 'gentle man'. He is always supportive and always calm in every situation.”

Ravi Jadawala

“A creative guy with a good sense of humor.”

Bhavit Dagli

“He is a computer gamer and his life motto is: gamers don't die, they respawn.”

Nimesh Padsala

“He does everything with 2x speed!!”

Devarshi Shah

“His life mantra is: slow and steady wins the race.”

Avani Panchani

“A small town girl with big dreams. She is also a sports enthusiast.”

Aman Joshi

“A mellow guy with an ability to compose poetry.”

Fergus O'Scannlian

“He is a backpacker! He is a pilot! He is a scuba diver! He is also known as the most fit guy in the company.”