In this time of tight margins, operating efficiency is critical and the Teak system has evolved with cost control and operating efficiency at its heart.

As examples, the Teak system uses GPS information and route optimization to make sure that routes are designed efficiently and, for home delivery, constantly updated as changes occur with automated routing of new customers and automated changes in driving directions as vacation stops affect the route.

For single copy, Teak offers a choice of several algorithms that will automatically control draw quantities and maximize sales within acceptable returns and sellout goals.

Many analytical tools are available to let you constantly improve your operations.

Teak supports many ways to manage the communications among partners including automated emailing of draw requirement and net sale reports to appropriate people, automated computer-to-computer data transfers and consolidation of home delivery "mail" from multiple publications to minimize complaints.

For single copy, a "returns audit" feature keeps drivers accountable for returns and ensures accurate reporting.