Logistics Defined

By logistics we mean all of the functions that are involved in getting something from one place to another. At heart, that means keeping track of an item from the time the company is aware of it to the time when the client has completed its responsibilities with respect to moving that item.

Here are some of the functions that we would include in a definition of logistics:

  • Defining items that need to be managed and moved.
  • Order entry system to initiate the movement process whether that occurs at the shipper's premises, a website, or at the client's premises based on phone calls, emails, etc.
  • Management of item varieties such as color, size, material, etc.
  • Inventory management.
  • Receiving into and shipping out of inventory.
  • Supporting retailers and producers that need to have their items shipped to customers.
  • Cross docking supported by barcode-based routing to the proper delivery route.
  • Maintaining and optimizing routes, including dynamically, using GPS and presenting routes to drivers via Android and iPhone applications.
  • Proof of delivery based on timestamp, geolocation, and/or photographs.
  • Communications among shipper, client, and customer with respect to item delivery.
  • Billing management including shipper billing and customer credit card billing.
  • Operational reporting including categorization of sales by type of customer.

We have systems that support all of these functions and we have the experience to create or maintain such systems that are specific to your needs.