The key to a profitable storage inventory operation is efficient and accurate management of the inventory. The Teak system employs identifying both the storage bins and the items themselves with barcodes. The system uses a combination of portable computers and fixed computers to make sure that everything is properly identified. An audit trail is kept to reliably track movement in and out of storage. You get an integrated system that both tracks and bills for services.

Receiving and Removing

Either a dispatcher or the customer sets up incoming product in the system and each item is tracked from receipt to storage in a designated bin to removal and either pick-up by the customer or delivery by your couriers

Inventory Management

Since all receipts and removals are accurately tracked, a computer record always exists of exactly what is in storage at any time. That information can be looked up by your staff or, if you wish, securely by your customer


The system eliminates the very time-consuming process of storage billing. Since the system monitors inventory levels constantly, accurate billing is created on the billing period set for each customer on the basis agreed with that customer