Handheld Devices

Teak provides support for three mobile devices:

  • Delivery Device – Used for both home delivery and single copy routes as well as routes that combine home delivery and single copy on a single route. It incorporates driving directions for home delivery and returns recording for single copy.
  • Collection Device – Used by a single copy collector to record returns and calculate an invoice. It includes a barcode scanner to get accurate counts of returns for publications that have date-specific barcodes.
  • Belt-worn Printer – Used in connection with the collection device to print out a detailed invoice to leave with the store. Connects wirelessly to the handheld device by Bluetooth.

The devices are capable of communicating with the Teak server on a "real time" basis so that a route can be monitored as it progresses, or by Wi-Fi to collect and deliver data at the depot or at a Wi-Fi facility enroute. They are GPS-equipped and the Teak system can record the location of drivers as they run their routes.