The Teak Courier system supports all types of courier operations from point-to-point ad hoc assignments, repetitive scheduled assignments, and hub-and-spoke operations. You can choose to communicate with couriers by phone, text, or interactive handheld device. Use of barcodes tracking is an option. Customers can track using Web access. In other words, Teak can provide a full-featured service or a more basic service - whichever suits your operation.


Much of the dispatching process is automated allowing a higher quality service to be provided with fewer dispatchers. Regular customers can enter their own orders and dispatchers need only to assign the courier. Teak automatically keeps that courier's route optimized as new orders are received


By optionally having a barcode on each item, sorting at the depot becomes more efficient and reliable and customers can track their items using the Web. Customers can put barcodes on their items or the driver can use a belt-worn barcode printer to put a barcode on each item


Teak supports customer-specific pricing with multiple rates for different circumstances. Different billing periods can be set for different customers and invoices will be produced on that schedule. For cash customers, credit card processing can be integrated into the system