The Teak system was built with an accounting discipline to ensure that it produces high quality data that has an "audit trail" and internal controls – but where they are transparent to the users.

Emblematic to that design are the invoicing, receivable, and payable features that include:

  • Split billing between "delivery fee" corporate charges and "buy/sell" distributor charges.
  • Robust accounts receivable aging analysis.
  • Automated emailing of invoices for defined customers.
  • Support for pay-in-advance invoicing as well as open account invoicing.
  • Support for delivery fee billing as well as per-copy billing.
  • A system for monitoring pay-on-scan variances as compared to returns-based sales.
  • Support for assessing a "past due" penalty of a percent of the amount owing.

A helpful sales feature for distributors that are looking for new publications to distribute is the Teak "Publisher Access" feature that allows them to provide a publisher with a logon to the Teak system that lets them view the details of the way that their publication is distributed. For publishers of free publications, a helpful GPS-based tracking of delivery runs is available that will give them assurance that their publication is being delivered properly.