For larger publishers, Teak is a good solution for managing the details of home delivery and single copy activities while integrating those activities into whatever company-wide system is in place. Teak has created interfaces to a number of publisher ERP systems and is likely able to do so for any system in use because of the flexible design of the Teak data structure.

For companies that manage a group of smaller or suburban or special interest publications, Teak is a good way to provide each property with a complete and consistent way to manage operations while giving the home office the visibility needed to both monitor performance of each one as well as to aggregate the data for analysis of operations collectively.

Following are the features that Teak brings to that type of company:

  • A common circulation environment for all of their properties.
  • Elective control of which functions are centralized and which managed locally at the properties.
  • Consolidated and individual views of operations at all of their properties.
  • Cloud-based software services.
  • Analysis tools to compare the relative operational efficiency of their properties.
  • Circulation support at the property level that includes:
    ○ Route Delivery instructions for drivers:
    ■ On paper or by handheld device.
    ■ Appropriate presentation for Retail, Vending Machines or Home Delivery.
    ■ Posting of Deliveries and Returns.
    ● Manually by each driver with Web access.
    ● Manually at each property.
    ● Automatically when handheld devices are used.

    ■ Automatic routing for Home Delivery supporting both new customers and vacation stops.
    ■ Automatic driving directions supporting both new customers and vacation stops

    ○ Merging of delivery instructions (mail) from multiple publishers.
    ○ Computer Interface with NY Times Corporate, NY Times Buy/Sell, USA Today, News Corp Home Delivery.
    ○ Handheld device for Retail Collections.
  • Accounts receivable including Accounts Receivable Aging:
    ○ For Open Account (retail).
    ○ For Home Delivery (pay in advance).
  • Accounts Payable to monitor Publisher Invoices.
  • Vending Machine repair dispatching and tracking.
  • Truck Manifesting.
  • Print Orders.
  • "Payroll" accounting for paying contractors on a number of bases including per copy of specific newspapers and per run.
  • Automated Order Regulation (automated draw control) for Single Copy.
  • Broad suite of reporting options.